The MHP/Team SI digital marketing agency can provide you with the right-sized, data-centric, omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing approach for all your communications pain points.

Reaching the right audience with the right marketing

When it comes to healthcare marketing, we know how to find your potential patients and reach them where they are. Whether your goals are to build awareness, increase appointments or inform your audience about expanded services, we will work with you to get the right digital marketing and advertising mix to reach your objectives. We take time to learn about your institution, your culture and your key stakeholders to ensure that your marketing is actionable and effective.

TraDigital™ Marketing Funnel
Types of Healthcare Clients

Working with a variety of healthcare clients

We recognize that healthcare is not only about getting patients to go to your healthcare facility. The MHP/Team SI team of marketing experts has experience working with

Several members of our team have actually worked for practices or hospitals and know what it’s like to walk in our clients’ shoes.

Handling industry challenges

We have experience working with hospitals from academic medical centers to larger systems to smaller rural hospitals. We understand that each type of organization has its challenges and opportunities in trying to reach patients, recruit physicians and nurses, and be community leaders and advocates for quality healthcare.

Handling healthcare marketing challenges
Healthcare marketing specialties

Immersing our team in your healthcare specialty

With physician practices, we know how to focus on a service line and find the right audience for your practice, whether you have one location or 20 locations. Our branding and digital marketing teams also recognize the need for our team to be immersed in your team, to be well-acquainted with the healthcare specialty you provide.

Communicating the benefits that matter most

We are experienced at talking to patients about their health and health needs when it comes to doctors and treatment, so we can also talk to them about the insurance they need as well. We know how to find your audience and communicate the benefits that matter most to them.

Marketing healthcare benefits

Creating a customized consumer experience

At MHP/Team SI, we specialize in omnichannel TraDigital™ marketing communications, blending the art of traditional and digital marketing to provide a customized consumer experience. We see the value in knowing all the audience touch points and how they work together – whether that’s an outdoor billboard or an online video ad – to understand the big picture of how all efforts complement each other and lead your patients down the marketing funnel to take action.

We know that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach for our clients. Our marketing team specializes in data-centric communications, digging into your analytics and insights to identify how to better connect with your audiences.

Data is the currency of the internet.
Healthcare marketing messages

Reinforcing your marketing messages

When we analyze your audience insights, we can better know those audiences, understand their pain points and develop the branding, messages and content to address that. We specialize in digital content marketing for specialized healthcare service lines, mapping out patient journeys and reinforcing your message at every level of the marketing funnel.

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