Blending traditional and digital for the ultimate omnichannel approach

In 2010, we began developing our own approach to marketing, blending traditional and digital media strategies to drive results for our clients. We call it TraDigital™, where we look at every way your audiences can experience your brand and deliver to those audiences the strategic touchpoints for them at the appropriate level of the marketing funnel.

We’ve used this method to prove real ROI for our clients year after year.

Did we mention we knew this would be important before it was cool?

TraDigital: The Art of Blending Traditional and Digital®

Helping clients build awareness, engage audiences and achieve results

Today, we’re helping our clients sell their wireless devices, financial services, healthcare services, dental insurance, corporate benefits, tickets to events, fast-casual menu items, food products and more.

We approach their needs the same way we’ll approach yours – with an innovative, actionable, TraDigital™ strategy across multiple channels that hones messages, maximizes reach, extends budgets, and moves your audiences to action through the marketing funnel.

TraDigital™ Marketing Funnel

We use data to lead the way in planning your TraDigital™ marketing strategy based on your unique needs, objectives, audiences and budgets.

Making recommendations for your benefit

Many advertising agencies have their own agenda – recommending strategies that make them money or at which they are particularly good. We don’t work that way.

Strategizing and implementing smart marketing

At the MHP/Team SI marketing agency, we’ve honed our strategic approach since 1972 when MHP was founded and have worked in nearly every industry sector, helping our clients build their brands and market their goods. Since 2010, we’ve added award-winning digital marketing to the mix, giving our clients a fully integrated, omnichannel approach – the TraDigital™ approach.

Today, we’re MHP/Team SI.

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Bringing together key elements for successful marketing

Sounds easy, right? Just mix them together and BAM! You have a TraDigital™ plan.

Not quite.

First, it takes data. Then, it takes planning, which relies on data. Don’t forget brand development and creative messaging, which relies on data. You might also need an improved website with all your must-haves, another strategy that depends on data. SEO will play a key role in driving traffic and determining content development.

The primary ingredient? Data. It’s the currency of the internet, and everything we do for every client is based on data.

Read on for how it works.

Leveraging data to
inform strategies and decisionmaking

  1. We will review your Google Analytics data to identify your current audience and your audience’s demographics, interests and more.

2. We cross reference your data with our Doppio® Data Explorer to help define your new-opportunity audiences that you need to grow your business.

3. We craft specific TraDigital™ strategies to reach your objectives as identified through strategic planning.

4. We develop creative and content that will help deliver key messages about your brand, products and services to increase sales and the overall success of your campaign.

5. We measure results and do it all over again.

Data is the currency of the internet.
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Follow along to see how TraDigital™ tactics can be applied across all marketing channels to create robust campaigns.

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