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2023 Marketing Predictions: TraDigital Strategy

It’s already time to begin thinking about 2023. Here at MHP/Team SI, we’ve gathered our experts to make their 2023 marketing predictions. We’ve been doing this for years. While we do get some things wrong from time to time, it’s crazy to see just how much we get right.

The first expert we sat with down was Lannie Byrd, our chief operating officer. One of the earliest digital evangelists, Lannie has stayed on top of the changing trends to establish himself as a thought leader in the world of TraDigital Marketing. He has a special emphasis how data and strategy work together.

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee and follow along as we discuss marketing trends, news and strategies that YOU and your team need to know as you head into the new year.

Watch the video below, and read our summary to learn about the changes Lannie sees coming in the next year.

Taking a Look Back

In 2022, we saw many companies and agencies starting to develop their own omnichannel strategies. Omnichannel marketing creates strategies around all platforms, devices, and outlets, using data to find and target the best potential customers. MHP/Team SI began an omnichannel approach, which we coined TraDigital, back in 2015. We were ahead of the game in omnichannel, and that set up our clients for success in the past. Our experience and expertise in this area will continue to aid our clients in the future.

Another trend we saw precipitate in the last year in a continued push towards data-driven marketing. At MHP/Team SI, we’ve been data-driven for a long time. We expect every decision our team makes, from media placement to creative design, to emerge from a deep dive into the numbers. As data privacy pushes continue to be a hot topic, ensuring our data collection and usage is ethical and consumer-centric is crucial to maintaining trust and compliance.

Consumer First Market

Each new year has its challenges, and 2023 already carries several concerns for consumers. With a recession looming and skepticism rising, businesses and customers alike are likely to be more particular about how they spend their money. It’s not enough to simply be the loudest, companies must prove they are reliable and trustworthy and they put customers first. Quality is the name of the game. 

The Continuing Rise of AI and Chatbots

It’s common to see local businesses now with AI chatbots that scrape the website for information. AI chatbots learn from every encounter, meaning they will only get more efficient and creative in how they personalize each customer’s experiences. We have several clients with website chatbots and personalization engines that personalize the customer experience so it’s catered for their individual circumstances.

AI is not yet foolproof in its strategic business planning though. That’s where services like Doppio come into play. Doppio is our DSP here at MHP/Team SI, and it takes our TraDigital approach to marketing. It tracks the “breadcrumbs” of information across multiple devices while leaving human guardrails in place to save money, prevent mistakes, and watch over these new developments.

Personalization and the Privacy Paradox

In the last few years we’ve seen a big push for personalization. Studies show that most consumers want and appreciate personalized experiences, both online and in person. Yet, data privacy casts a shadow across personalization efforts.

Consumers are growing more wary of handing out their information. Technology and legislative action are both changing how this matter is playing out. But, for businesses and agencies alike, it comes down to is being good citizens with someone’s data. Ultimately, you need to stay ahead of regulation and act ethically in your data collection and usage. Keep only what you need and be open about how you share that data. This will continue to be a point of emphasis for businesses in the coming year.

Social Media in 2023 

There’s a lot of gossip about social media in 2023, with the two biggest points of contention being Twitter and TikTok.

People seem to be holding their breath, waiting to see what will come of Elon Musk’s Twitter gamble. Musk has proven the scoffers wrong before, but if he’s going to do it this time, Twitter will likely see a lot of changes in the time to come. 

Tiktok faces a very different survival challenge. Though it did not maintain its status as the number one domain, TikTok is still enjoying great success. TikTok is owned by the company ByteDance which is based in China. Because of that, many fear its potential to be used for espionage. Maryland and South Dakota are two of the latest states to take action, prohibiting the use of TikTok for certain government devices.

Even if something were to happen to make TikTok unavailable in the US, there are already several other well-established media outlets who have created their own version of short-form vertical videos that could take their place. Instagram has been enjoying the success of Reels, YouTube has shorts (as well as vertical ads now), Pinterest has its Watch page, and only more are likely to come. 

Stay Up to Date as 2023 Runs Its Course

While we love looking ahead and making predictions, there are sure to be some unexpected twists and turns along the way. If you want to stay up to date with all the marketing news, trends and strategies in 2023, continue to check out our MHP/Team SI social media channels and blogs. OR come on as a client. Our dedicated account teams are always learning and staying on top of trends.


Lannie Byrd