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2023 Marketing Predictions Catalogue

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The new year is upon us, and we’ve gathered our agency experts to make their 2023 marketing predictions. Over the next few weeks, we’ll post videos on a variety of topics to help you understand what strategies and trends you need to keep an eye on in the next year. Here’s a running list of what we’ve posted so far:

TraDigital Strategy | Lannie Byrd

The first expert we sat with down was Lannie Byrd, our chief operating officer. One of the earliest digital evangelists, Lannie has stayed on top of the changing trends to establish himself as a thought leader in the world of TraDigital Marketing. He has a special emphasis how data and strategy work together.

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Automotive Marketing | Tanner Ward

With a competitive market and big spending, the automotive industry often drives innovation that we incorporate in other industries. It’s no secret the last few years have thrown challenges to car dealerships. Learn how our SI Auto team has innovated to find solutions to those challenges and what strategies they’ll look to incorporate in the new year.

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Healthcare Strategy | Lauren Farabough

As we approach the three-year anniversary of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, we’re able to realize how COVID changed the world of healthcare and what trends will stick around long-term. Lauren Farabough, our director of healthcare strategy, discusses how COVID changed healthcare and how healthcare marketing continues to evolve as a result.

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Video Production | Blake Stanage

Vertical video, AI, deepfakes, virtual production and the metaverse: as the world becomes ever more visual, there are a lot of exciting developments in the world of video production. Join Blake Stanage, our director of video production, as he discusses how much has changed in the past few years and what exciting opportunities lie ahead for our video team.

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TraDigital Strategy | Whitney Burgess

Whitney Burgess sat down for a wide-ranging discussion on all things TraDigital. We looked back at the past year, discussing how TikTok brought the importance of vertical video and authentic content to the broader social media world, and discussed how BeReal could make the same impact in the new year. We looked at the data behind consumer expectations for personalized advertising, and we discussed how attribution and end-to-end reporting can help businesses make smart marketing decisions during times of economic uncertainty. This is truly a can’t-miss predictions video!

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Stay on Top of 2023 Marketing Trends

These predictions are just the beginning of the continued eduction and thought leadership you’ll receive from MHP/Team SI in 2023. We pride ourselves in staying on top of trends and strategies so our clients can win each and every month. If you’re interested in partnering with us as a client so you can ensure your business is implementing the best and latest marketing strategies, fill out the form below. We’d love to be in touch with you!


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