Ensuring your content is found in search results

You might have a website full of great content, but how do you know your audience will actually find it? The answer: search engine optimization (SEO). When someone is trying to find or research a product or service, the trusted and FIRST source is Google. Ninety-three percent of people go to a search engine prior to making a purchase decision, and 98% of these users only look at the first page of Google.

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GOAL = Rank Your Business Higher In Search Engines

Our content development is geared around making your page rank high in search engines.

Monitoring your SEO so you stand out from competition

Have you ever wondered how sites reach the first page of Google? Search engines use advanced site-ranking methods based on content, keywords, and hundreds of other criteria to provide useful search results. These results change constantly, and it is nearly impossible for a keyword to rank high for a long duration. SEO requires constant attention because, without it, your website could fall behind and allow your competitors’ websites to stand out. The overall goal of SEO is to bring more visitors to your website via search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The more people who see and click on your content, the more likely those website visits will lead to conversions

For SEO services, MHP/Team SI provides:

Your Own Account Representative
Constant SEO Monitoring
Site Analysis
On-page site optimization
Fresh, optimized content published regularly
Competitive analysis and research
Ongoing efforts and adjustments
Keyword adjustment when necessary
SEO Strategy

Providing solutions for consumers with your content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the long-term strategy behind our results. The reason we have been successful is that when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), we merge user behavior and intent to provide solutions for consumers. This is the foundation of success. We work to find out what people want from your business through keyword research and test that against search volume, trends, and competition to find the right words/phrases to use in your content. We look for quality keywords from the very beginning of the research phase. Once we identify the best keywords, we look at market share and market penetration opportunities. We want to help you focus energy on the best markets for success. Now that we have our keywords and markets, we combine these to develop a content strategy. By optimizing your website and creating new pages for search engines to crawl and index specifically focusing on these keywords, we will dominate the real estate in organic search.

Aligning your content around proven keywords

The other piece to this success is again aligning search, social and email marketing around the same keywords. We will use this roadmap to drive traffic to your site, allowing search engine marketing to come in and retarget those users. When we create content for specific personas, they engage and share that message with others.

For this process to work, we build a strategy around content that is:


Relevant and valuable to the persona


Searchable and optimized for search engines to find it


Shareable on mobile with captivating video, graphics, infographics and other visuals


Because we want every piece of content to have a long shelf life

Ranking your site higher is harder today than it was a decade ago! You need a team to do this.

Providing valuable content to consumers

The process we’ve laid out is the foundation for a successful campaign, but the magic is consistency, testing, and analysis. SEO is more than just posting a blog every month and making a Facebook post, because we can’t create content for the sake of creating content. Content that only checks the boxes for optimization is missing the mark. We have to take our efforts a step further because consumers won’t choose to engage if we aren’t being genuine and providing value to them.

WARNING: Do NOT sign up for an overseas company at a low price point. These are mostly scams and will not move the needle. It will only frustrate you and waste money.

To have the best services, you have to use the best tools, which is why we invest in high-priced software for our SEO tracking. How do our tools work?

MHP Team SI University

Educating clients on marketing changes

Content marketing changes quickly, and to stay ahead of the curve for our clients we developed MHP/Team SI University, a monthly course we use internally to educate our team on changes in social platforms and algorithms, etc. MHP/Team SI University helps keep us and our clients at the forefront of digital marketing, and this valuable tool is now available to you. We have found that clients who participate in MHP/Team SI University have a better understanding of not only the process and strategy but more importantly the results.

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