What is Doppio®?

Doppio® is our own proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with insights and instincts of our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness.

Data-driven targeting

Working with a data-driven marketing firm

You will not find another data-driven marketing firm that understands your audience more fully or that knows how to specifically target them with absolute precision.

It is not because MHP/Team SI hired a bunch of niche industry professionals. It is because we use data and the digital paths of your current and potential consumers to inform our decisions.

Targeting the right audience

Doppio® is how we know who to target. Doppio® pairs the most sophisticated aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with insights and instincts of our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness. Our data analysts know how to convert visitors into leads and customers.

It is time to EMBRACE data-driven marketing. It is time to look at how specific your messages can be to an individual’s needs.

67,138 EXCLUSIVE data segments to target the RIGHT audience on TV, desktop, smartphone and tablets

Examples of Household ID Targeting with Doppio

Benefitting from data-driven marketing

Data allows us to target a specific household IP address, utilizing marketing initiatives ranging from display advertising, video pre-rolls, programmatic TV, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc. The use of data gives us the ability to target the right customer in their right phase of life – to take the creative message they want to see and place it right in front of them in order to gain a desired action. Think about the process of making a decision to purchase a product or service. We read reviews, blogs, watch videos on YouTube, reach out to friends on social media, ask our neighborhood Facebook Group pages, etc., to find out how others are faring with the product or service. We are immersing the household to drive your brand with ethical frequency levels.

Reaching consumers in micro moments

This goes more indepth than just targeting a potential customer with a display ad. This goes into the micro moment they are experiencing right now. It involves content, landing pages, videos, etc. – a full customer journey that is ever evolving.

According to eMarketer, a study on niche targeting found that 61% of people trust the advertising they see, an 11% jump from March 2014. In addition, 72% of respondents also said the ads are “honest,” a 16% increase over the past two years.

Reaching customers in micro moments

This Is All Opportunity!

Benefits of data-driven marketing.

Your audiences are turning towards unconventional sources of information, like social platforms.

It also makes sense that digital ads are less likely to be trusted, because most are sold in an automated way that over one-third of consumers find invasive.

Why does this matter? Because, it shows that data-driven advertising is trusted and effective. 

Our Process

Identify Your Current Audiences

Identify New

Craft Specific Strategies Toward Them

Deploy Innovative Tactics to Motivate Them

Measure & Refine

We will review your Google Analytics data to identify your current audience. Your current audience in Google Analytics will identify your Demographics and Interests.

Our Doppio® Data Explorer will help us define your new audiences by cross referencing these two platforms while matching it up with the demographic you NEED to increase.

Crafting specific strategies towards reaching our goals is all about Strategic Planning.

Your campaigns will not be 100% perfect on day one. We must launch, listen to the data and then adapt to optimize to the strategy. This is where our account services and data scientists come into play.


Valuing transparency

Transparency is important. That is why we created the TraDigital™ Dashboard for you to have 24-7 LIVE insights on your campaigns. Whether you are running TV, social media, multiple creatives, etc., you will find all of it in our TraDigital™ Dashboard.

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