Eye Care Provider Marketing Program Case Study

Engaging Practitioners with Marketing Opportunities

In the past, Neurolens has run direct-to-consumer, national marketing campaigns, but the challenge is that the lenses are only available through local providers.

Since local optometrists are the only way for patients to actually purchase the lenses, Neurolens approached the agency seeking a solution to engage their providers more effectively and increase sales of the lenses among key providers.

The agency worked with Neurolens to create a content marketing campaign for their providers that would increase visibility of Neurolens, educate patients about the lenses and therefore increase purchases of Neurolens. 

Launching the Program

The agency created a content marketing plan that would run for two months for participating practices in the program. The agency collaborated with each individual practice to create content that feels authentic to the practice’s brand by using their logos and brand colors when promoting Neurolens.

This content would include 

  • Website landing pages
  • Blog content
  • Social media posts
  • Custom test links
  • Facebook advertising
  • Email newsletter 
  • Custom “take the test” page

Once the practices approved the content, MHP/Team SI used the assets for the marketing plan on the practice’s social accounts, website, and email. The practices were then able to repurpose the created content beyond the two-month period.

Bringing in the Results

The program officially launched in May 2022 with enrollment ending in December 2022. Among the 46 participating practices, Neurolens was able to increase its visibility among their patients.

The campaign garnered:

  • 230,161 email newsletters delivered
  • 69,904 emails opened (30.37% open rate, 9% above industry standard)
  • More than 11,000 visits to the practices’ customized “take the test” pages
  • 1,300 completed Neurolens tests of new candidates

Over the six-month program period, the practices who participated in the program sold an average of 17 pairs of lenses per month, compared to an average of only six pairs of lenses for practices that had not done the program.

With this trend continuing into 2023, there is a higher demand for practices that want to participate in the program. This led to Neurolens capping the number to 30 practices per month allowed to enroll in 2023.

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