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MHP/Team SI Opens New Video Studio and Office in West Little Rock

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (March 30, 2023) – MHP/Team SI, a full-service, data-driven marketing firm, announced the addition of a new office in West Little Rock. Located at 1519 Bowman Rd. in Little Rock, Ark., the nationally recognized agency acquired the space to accommodate and support the growth of its video production team and content studio. The agency is calling the new studio “Studio West.” 

“This year we celebrate our 50th “Innoversary” as an agency and are constantly innovating to better fit the needs of our clients,” said Chip Culpepper, partner and chief creative officer of MHP/Team SI. “The dedicated studio space will give our video production team and Content Studio more room and resources to create, as well as allow us to have a meeting point closer to our West Little Rock clients.” 

The roughly 3,600-square-foot office space is located in Bowman Business Park and offered a blank slate that could be transformed to meet the needs of the agency’s video production team on a daily basis. Studio West houses a full video studio, audio-recording soundbooth, editing facilities, conference room and additional office space for its team members in accounting and human resources. 

As the industry continues to see trends of upward growth in the video sector, the agency has expanded in order to provide more inclusive offerings to clients. There are 11 talented team members that make up the video production and content studio team at MHP/Team SI. The video production team offers à la carte gear rentals, studio rentals, a greenroom, audio packages, podcast production, vodcast production, live production packages, B-roll packages and more.