Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month - the Latino Art Project

At MHP/Team SI, we place a strong, year-round emphasis on community and art appreciation, as evidenced by our Innovative Artist Series. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the Latino Art Project on client projects, and we’re thrilled to join forces with them once again to honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

In today’s pop culture, we often shy away from celebrating and honoring cultural holidays due to “cancel culture.” However, our experience has shown us that the key to success lies in identifying the intersection between the cultures and heritages you want to celebrate and your agency’s mission.. It’s in this organic alignment that the opportunity to advocate, celebrate and partner emerges.

The Latino Art Project, a North Little Rock based agency, is dedicated to promoting Hispanic culture, artists and subject matter through the visual arts. Although its owner, Will Hogg, is not an artist himself, he has always had a deep-seated love for art. He founded The Latino Art Project with the primary goal of supporting Hispanic artists in Arkansas.

photo of woman chewing gum, part of MHP/Team SI's Latino Art Project

In 2015, Hogg initiated an art exhibition to raise funds for Seis Puentes Hispanic Outreach, a nonprofit empowering Central Arkansas’s Latinx & Hispanic community to create generational change.. An enthusiastic reception of the exhibition inspired the birth of The Latino Art Project, which has now hosted 50+ exhibitions, featuring artists from various regions.

Today, we are privileged to feature an extraordinary artist, Luis Atilano, in partnership with The Latino Art Project. Luis immigrated to the United States with his family when he was just two years old and has spent the majority of his life living and working in North Little Rock. Following his graduation from North Little Rock High School, Luis has juggled working in his family’s restaurant business while building a career in personal fitness. Luis and his wife, Jessica, are the proud parents of four beautiful children.

Luis always finds time to let his passion for art shine through, despite his commitments to work and family. He finds immense joy in celebrating and sharing his Hispanic heritage through his art. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve adorned our office with Luis’s artwork, allowing us to immerse ourselves in his talent and connect with Luis and Central Arkansas’s rich, Hispanic culture.

Our commitment to community, art and celebrating cultural diversity remains at the heart of everything we do. Partnering with The Latino Art Project and showcasing artists like Luis Atilano is just one example of how we continue to embrace these values.


Chris Bell-Davis