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Targeting Investors with Data-Driven Financial Marketing

Marketing Data Assets for Banking

You will not find another data-driven marketing firm like MHP/Team SI that understands your audience or that knows how to specifically target them with absolute precision.

We use data and the digital paths of your current and potential consumers to inform every marketing decision we make.

Doppio® is how we know who to target. Doppio® is our own proprietary system that pairs the most sophisticated, aggregated and automated data analytics platform available with insights and instincts of our certified professional staff to optimize campaign effectiveness. Our data analysts know how to convert visitors into leads and customers.

Are you looking for an audience that wants to INVEST? Or potentially an audience that you want to blacklist from your campaigns? Doppio® has them nailed down!

Here’s an example of what Doppio® can do. Tim Whitley, CEO & CIO of the MHP/Team SI Family of Companies, is constantly seeing Bank of America ads for Morgan Stanley. They know to target Whitley because their data sets show he is an investor and loves to “play the market.”

Tim Whitley might be only a Tier 3 target, so the frequency of messaging is around 15x per week versus having someone in the Tier 1 section who might see his or her ads 30x per week.

WARNING: You are not only looking at people like Tim Whitley who invests in the stock market. You also have people who are identified as just trying to find financial and retirement advice. This audience can be segmented and delivered a personal message from you, the bank, that speaks directly to them. This targeted messaging can let them know that you have experts available and explain why they should trust you for the advice.

Data is not just about targeting. It can also show you what your creative needs to sound and look like based on the data sets coming from Doppio®.

Financial marketing data sets for investors

It is time to embrace data-driven marketing. It is time to look at how specific your messages can be to an individual’s needs.

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Whitney Burgess