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Seeing the Big Picture with TraDigital™ Marketing

Mastering TraDigital™ Marketing

By Lauren Farabough

One of my favorite things about flying is taking off and starting to see the landscape from above. You never get that kind of view in everyday life. You see how all the highways come together and are laid out below you. You see the expanse of the city and the different sections of housing subdivisions, industry and businesses that all make up the city. You see the details but this is an opportunity to see the big picture. To me that’s what TraDigital™ is, it’s seeing the overall master plan but also knowing all the details of how it all works together.

In our world of marketing and advertising, we know that our clients aren’t a one size fits all. And we can’t assume that one approach or platform works for all. We have to see the big picture to see how all the details come together. We have to take the multi-faceted approach to know that traditional advertising like TV and billboards have to work with what we do online through social media or display ads and also complement public relations efforts. In account services, we have to know what each piece of the puzzle is doing to see how they are coming together to accomplish our clients’ goals. Clients have the advantage of a full team from all areas working on their accounts. In account services, we have to make sure that all parts of the team are coordinated and communicating to not just focus on their one area but the client as a whole. When there are roadblocks, the TraDigital™ team has to look at the birds’ eye view to identify the pain points and see how other roads could lead to the destination.

Specifically, with our health care clients, we always look at how the service lines and physicians affect the overall brand. We need to see how all parts of the hospital or practice work together. The same for TraDigital™ planning. We are not going to just look at how Facebook can drive website traffic or how a billboard can boost awareness. If we’re focused on brand awareness, we’re going to look at all tactics across the board from TV to video pre-roll to display ads and see how the creative and platforms can all complement each other and work for the goal.

When health care clients come to us for their marketing needs, we’re going to take this approach no matter if the goal is to simply recruit nurses, boost overall brand awareness or drive patient appointments for a specific service line. Sometimes it’s easy to think that a billboard for a new physician will be enough to build his practice or a few Facebook ads will boost event attendance, but it’s never that simple. We have to look at all the TraDigital™ tools to see what would work best to reach the right audience and more importantly how these tools can work together. And it’s not only about the platform used but also the creative and content and how each of them can speak to a specific point along the patient journey.

TraDigital™ planning gives our clients that big picture advantage of being on the plane to see all the details of the marketing plan come together. And the best part is just how the landscape constantly changes, so do we. We are innovating and monitoring to adjust and give our clients the best outcomes to ensure their goals are being met. We’re always moving forward to get the best views.